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The Recipe:

Coffee - 37.5g

Water - 500ml

Time - 10 minutes

The Method:

Boil a kettle to around 96 degrees celsius

Pour hot water into French Press to heat it up

Grind your coffee (37.5g)

Pour out water from in the French Press

Add coffee to French Press

Add 500ml of water (use scales)

Wait 4 minutes

Stir with a spoon

Remove foam from the top of the French Press

Wait another 5 minutes

Put plunger on top but let it sit on top of the coffee bed, do not push it down.

Enjoy :)


The Recipe:

1:16 - Coffee to Water Ratio

Coffee - 15g

Water - 240ml

Time - 2.00 - 3.00 mins (This will change depending on the coffee used and the grind size)

The Method:

Add your 15g coffee inside the paper filter and then distribute it evenly

Add 60ml of hot water to wet grounds

Spin the V60 to make sure all grounds are wet

Blooming (Pre-infusion) - 30 seconds

Then add around 60%- 70% of total water - 160-180ml

Stir with the spoon

Then finish by adding the remainder of your water onto the coffee bed.

Enjoy :)

Credit Jon Townsend at https://www.theinstituteofcoffee.com/