Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we get asked questions in relation to different areas, hopefully these questions and answers, will provide some clarification. Any suggestions or alternative questions, we'd be happy to answer, just email

The Galway Barista School Team


1. Where are your courses held?

UNIT 11, MG Business Park, Tuam, Co. Galway

Eircode H54 F308


2. What is the most popular course for beginners and those looking to gain some experience?

Our most popular course is the Barista Basics Course and this is on 1-3 times a month depending on demand


3. How much is the One Day Barista Course?

The Cost is €155 per person


4. What can I expect?

They are designed for those who are beginners in Coffee, for those who wish to further their Barista skills, or for people with a very keen interest in Coffee.


5. What is the age limit?

The age limit for is 16


6. Will I become a Barista after the course?

No, the course is designed to give an insight into the world of coffee, with an opportunity to work on professional coffee machines with the guidance of a trained barista. The course is designed as a fun day out with an avenue to learn some new skills, not a test.


7. I cannot attend the course I booked, what do I do?

See our Booking Policy for more information